History of the Canadian Materials Science Conference

The list of past D.K.C. MacDonald Memorial Lecturers and Award recipients clearly demonstrate the rich history associated with the Canadian Materials Science Conference. The Conference established its roots in 1951 when the late T. S. Hutchison, a professor of solid-state physics at the Royal Military College, and colleagues at Queens University, the University of Toronto, Alcan and the National Research Council began holding annual summer meetings at RMC. These meetings quickly became known as the Canadian Metal Physics Conference, with the self-proclaimed mission of fostering the development in Canada of a then modest research activity in physical metallurgy.

The continuing success of the conference, made possible in part by the organizing efforts of Wendy Jackson, attracted the interest of metallurgists engaged in chemical processing. In 1976, under the leadership of Professor J.M. Toguri of the University of Toronto, a metal chemistry component was added to the conference. In 1987, after an incredible 37 continuous years of Conference stewardship, Professor Hutchison relinquished his role to Professor W.T. Thompson. Shortly thereafter, to acknowledge changes that had taken place in the mission of most universities with metallurgical programs, the name of the Conference was changed to the Canadian Materials Science Conference.

The Conference was held at RMC until 2000, excepting 1996 and 1997, when the College was undergoing renovations. Since 2001, the Conference has been hosted at a different venue each year. Past hosts have included Carleton, Laurentian, Manitoba, Dalhousie, University of British Columbia, McMaster University, University of Alberta, University of Waterloo, UBC Okanagan, Western University, McGill University, University of Saskatchewan, Queen’s University and most recently Dalhousie. We are proud to host CMSC 2016 at McMaster University in Hamilton in 2016.

The conference maintains a significant student component. The importance of this emphasis is indicated by the names of past student award winners, many of whom now hold positions of considerable authority in universities, industry or research establishments. It is one of the aims of the conference to instill in students an appreciation and excitement for materials science technologies by providing a friendly but intellectually challenging forum for presentation of their endeavours, as well as those of leaders in Canadian and global materials science.

About the D.K.C. MacDonald Memorial Lecture

The MacDonald Memorial Lecture remembers the achievements of David Keith Chalmers MacDonald, born in Glasgow in July 1920. From an early age, he demonstrated considerable ability in mathematics and physics, and he graduated from Edinburgh University with first class honours. During the Second World War, owing to deficient eyesight, he served at the Military College of Science at Bury, where his remarkable talents for original research combining experimental and theoretical aspects became apparent.

In 1951, the year of the first Canadian Metal Physics Conference (the direct predecessor of the Canadian Materials Science Conference), MacDonald came to Canada. He and others associated with the National Research Council (NRC) soon became prominent and regular attendees at this annual conference. It was at the National Research Council that MacDonald developed an intense interest in the solid state at extremely low temperatures. He produced many papers of the highest quality during his tenure at the NRC. In 1957, MacDonald was diagnosed as having a rare neurological ailment that would lead to gradual debilitation of his limbs, and eventual death. His reaction was characteristic of his personality, and he increased the pace of activities to make the most of the time remaining. During this difficult period, the NRC, under Dr. Steacie, assisted him by providing special nursing and transportation services.

Keith MacDonald died in 1963. His honours included election to the Royal Society at a relatively young age, recipient of the Gold Medal of the Canadian Association of Physicists an honorary Professorship at the University of Ottawa, five books published, as well as the high esteem of his colleagues. MacDonald enjoyed a sense of achievement that is usually attained only at a more advanced age. He died a stricken but not unhappy man. It is no exaggeration to say that his contributions to metal physics in Canada set a standard that is yet to be surpassed.

The D.K.C. MacDonald Memorial Lecture has been a prominent feature of the Conference since 1964, and conference attendees have enjoyed Memorial Lectures presented by some of the leading figures in Materials Science, both from a Canadian and global perspective.

Previous D.K.C. MacDonald Memorial Lectures

1964W.G. PfannBell Laboratories
1965G.M. Pound
1966T.J. Rowland
1967J.W. CahnNIST
1968W.S. BoyleBell Laboratories
1969Z.S. BasinskiNRC
1970J.W. ChristianOxford
1971J.D. Livingston
1972J.A. Davies
1973J.S. Dugdale
1974T.S. HutchinsonRMC
1975A.R. MackintoshCopenhagen
1976T.B. MassalskiCarnegie-Mellon
1977W. Schilling
1978J.P. HirthWashington State
1979P.C. Clapp
1980M. BrownU. Cambridge
1981W.B. PearsonWaterloo
1983M. BrownU. Cambridge
1984W. NixStanford University
1985A.S. Argonne
1986J.L. Smith
1987J.W. SteedsBristol
1988J.D. EmburyMcMaster
1989A. Seeger
1990W.C. WeingardGov’t of Canada
1991M.H. LorettoBirmingham
1992S. Howie
1993C.J. HumphreysU. Cambridge
1994J.K. BrimacombeUBC
1995G.K. White
1996R.W. Seigel
1997J.W. EvansUniv. of California, Berkeley
1998J.W. CahnNIST
1999J.M. ToguriToronto
2000F.R.N. NabarroWitwatersrand
2001B.R. ConradINCO
2002W. WallaceNRC
2003M. ChaturvediManitoba
2004W. NixStanford
2005M. RappazEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
2006R.E. LoehmanSandia National Laboratories
2007Yves BrechetINPG Grenoble
2008Ian RobertsonU. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2009Lyndon EdwardsANSTO
2010Mike AshbyCambridge University
2011C. RavindranRyerson
2012C.N. TomeLos Alamos National Labs
2013P. VoorheesNorthern University
2014G. KirczenowSimon Fraser University
2015David S. WilkinsonMcMaster University
2016Haël MughrabiUniversity of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
2017Javier LlorcaPolytechnic University of Madrid

Award Winners

Year Canadian Metal Physics Award Canadian Metal Chemistry Award
1977 Z.S. Basinski, NRC  
1978 T.S. Hutchinson, RMC  
1979 W.B. Pearson, Waterloo  
1980 J.S. Kirkaldy, McMaster  
1981 J. Carbotte, McMaster  
1982 C.M. Mitchell, UBC  
1983 J.J. Jonas, McGill  
1984 J.D. Embury, McMaster  
1985 L.M. Howe, AECL  
1986 M.Duesbury, AECL  
1987 R. Smith, Queen’s  
1988 G.C. Weatherly, McMaster L.M. Pidgeon, Toronto
1989 K.T. Aust, Toronto A.D. Pelton, Ecole Polytechnic
1990 G.R. Purdy, McMaster J.M. Toguri, Toronto
1991 F. Weinburg, UBC W.W. Smeltzer, McMaster
1992 K. Tangri, Manitoba E.W. Dewing, Alcan
1993 S.R. MacEwen, Alcan E. Peters, UBC
1994 U. Franklin, Toronto J.E. Dutrizac, CANMET
1995 S. Saimoto, Queen’s A. McLean, Toronto
1996 G.J.C. Carpenter, CANMET C.B. Alcock, Toronto
1997 H.W. King, Victoria W.T. Thompson, RMC
1998 J.W. Rutter, Toronto N.S. McIntyre, Western
1999 W.R. Tyson, CANMET G.P. Demopoulos, McGill
2000 U.Erb, Queen’s C. Bale, Ecole Polytechnic
2001 H. McQueen, Concordia D.B. Dreisinger, UBC
2002 W. Youdelis, Windsor E. Krause, INCO
2003 D. Lloyd, Alcan C. Hansson, Waterloo
2004 D. Wilkinson, McMaster P.Sundararajan, Carleton
2005 M. Wayman, U of Alberta G. Irons, McMaster
2006 A. Plumtree, Waterloo W. Caley, Dalhousie
2007 R. Gauvin, McGill G. Kipourus, Dalhousie
2008 D. Perovic, Toronto T. Etsell, Alberta
2009 R. Drew, Concordia S.A. Argyropoulos, Toronto
2010 D. Boyd, Queen’s K. Coley, McMaster
2011 J. Cahoon, Manitoba H. Henein, Alberta
2012 M. Chaturvedi, Manitoba R. Guthrie, McGill
2013 W. Poole, UBC A. Alfantazi, UBC
2014 M. Militzer, UBC J. Luo, Albert
2015 M. Niewczas, McMaster V. G. Papangelakis, Toronto
2016 N. Provatas, McMaster I. Zhitomirsky, McMaster
2017 G. Botton, McMaster F. Cheng, U of Calgary

Student Awards

Year Chemistry Physics Poster
1990 B.R. Davis, Queen’s D. Muscat, McGill M.P. Butron-Guillen, McGill
1991 E. Benguerel, McGill Z. He, Manitoba P. Clark
, Queen’s & S.W. Barker, McMaster
1992 R. Shonewille, Toronto W. Poole, McMaster W. Chang, Western
1993 H. Liao, Toronto W. Chang, Western D. Emadi, McGill
1994 M. Torvant, Toronto D.G. Goski, TUNS
P.H. Boldt, McMaster
A.H. Clarke, Western
1995 D.P. Bishop, TUNS P. Wnajara, McGill 
Queen’s A.H.Clarke, Western
1996 J.R. Kish, 
K.T.Conlon, McMaster
M.L. Turi, Queen’s B.X. Cheng, Western
1997 S. Omelon, McGill G. Taraschi, McGill S. Ferenczy, Toronto
T.C. Nguyen, Waterloo
1998 K. Jaansulu, RMC C. Leon, McGill K. Boyle, McMaster
1999 N. Porter, Toronto R. Kearsey, Carleton G. Moldoveanu, McGill
2000 M. Kaye, Queen’s H. Jin, Queen’s N.M. Ritsumeikan, McMaster
2001 G. Plascencia-Barrera, Toronto M. Zarinejad, McGill J. Joannides, Toronto
2002     J. Go, UBC
2003 R. Clemmer, Waterloo P. Poruks, Queen’s A. Mark, Queens
S. Sengupta, 
2004 S. Turcott, McMaster F. Zarandi, McGill R. Lottey, UBC
2005 J. Fan, McMaster E. Caron, UBC Manitoba
2006 S.J. Jaffer, Waterloo D. Park, McMaster D. Keogh, McMaster
2007 P. Proa-Flores, McGill N. Braidy, McMaster
G. Dmytrowich, U. of Saskatchewan
Q. Zhang, McMaster
E. Bellhouse, McMaster
M. Zaeajev, INRS
Year Oral Presentation Poster Presentation
2015 M. Nemcko, McMaster
W. Judge, Dalhousie
S. Mahboubi, McMaster
J.-H. Poehls, Dalhousie
W. Tan, Toronto

Fracture of Materials, Student Award

Year Recipient
1999 S. Yandt, Carleton
2000 L. Gavard, Ecole Nationale des Mines (visiting McGill)
2002 H. Zhang, U. of Alberta
2004 J. Weiler, Western
2007 Feng Xu, Queen’s

Past Chairs, Vice-Chairs & Conference Venue

Year Chair Vice-Chair Venue
1989 U. Erb, Queen’s R. Harris, McGill RMC
1990 R.A.L. Drew, McGill J.J. Byerley, Waterloo RMC
1991 J.D. Boyd, Queen’s T.A. Utigard, Toronto RMC
1992 D.S. Wilkinson, McMaster A. Petric, McMaster RMC
1993 W.A. Miller, Toronto W.F. Caley, TUNS RMC
1994 W.F. Caley, TUNS H.W. King, Western RMC
1995 H.W. King, Western N.S. McIntyre, Western RMC
1996 N.S. McIntyre, Western G. Demopoulos, McGill Western
1997 G. Demopoulos, McGill G. Palumbo, Ontario Hydro McGill
1998 G. Palumbo, Ontario Hydro D.D. Perovic, Toronto RMC
1999 D.D. Perovic, Toronto G.R. Purdy, McMaster RMC
2000 G.R. Purdy, McMaster P.H. Lindon, Laurentian RMC
2001 P.H. Lindon, Laurentian M. Chaturvedi, Manitoba Laurentian
2002 M. Chaturvedi, Manitoba G. Kipouros, Dalhousie Manitoba
2003 G. Kipouros, Dalhousie J. Beddoes, Carleton Dalhousie
2004 J. Beddoes, Carleton D.M. Maijer, UBC Carleton
2005 D.M. Maijer, UBC M. Brochu, McGill UBC
2006 M. Brochu, McGill G. Botton, McMaster McGill
2007 G.Botton, McMaster Tom Estell/Reg Eadie, U. Alberta McMaster
2008 Tom Estell/Reg Eadie, Alberta   U. Alberta
2009 Keith Pilkey/Mark Daymond, Queen’s   Queen’s
2010 Stephen Corbin, Waterloo   U. Waterloo
2011 L. Bichler/S. Yannacopoulos, UBC (Okanagan)   UBC (Okanagan)
2012 R. Klassen, Western   Western
2013 N. Provatas/K. Bevan, McGill   McGill
2014 J. Szpunar/Q. Yang, Saskatchewan   U. Saskatchewan
2015 Stephen Corbin,   Dalhousie
2016 Marek Niewczas   McMaster
2017 Arnaud Weck Kayla Greydanus U of Ottawa
2018 Anastasia Elias John Nychka U of Alberta