We invite you to send us your microscopic images inspired by the Artistic View and/or Indigenous Culture.

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Science as Art: Microscopy Image Competition 2023

MSC Central Student Chapter will celebrate the beauty of science at multiple scales through an image contest!

There are two categories for this competition:
Artistic-Scientific Image: showcasing stunning microscopic arts, highlighting the creativity and vision of the photographer.
Indigenous Culture Art: celebrating the rich cultural heritage and traditions of indigenous peoples around the world through beautiful microscopic arts for the first time.

Join us in this unique opportunity to explore the microscopic world through the lens of art and culture and showcase your creativity and vision!

Submission Deadline: June 13, 2023

The top images in each category will be chosen through voting by attendees of the Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC 2023) in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 27-30, 2023. The winner in each category will be awarded CAD$200 cash prize which will be announced at the conference.

Submit to msc.smc.central@gmail.com


The winner is a photographer whose image best demonstrates an artistic and creative approach to scientific subjects.

In the Artistic-Scientific category,

the images will be evaluated on their visual appeal and creativity in composition. The images that are visually striking, creatively composed, and display a unique artistic style will be given preference over those that are simply scientifically accurate. Moreover, technical quality of the image, including focus, exposure, color balance, and image resolution will be considered.

In the Indigenous Culture category,

the images are also expected to feature indigenous culture. The images should be accompanied by a brief description of the cultural context, providing some background information depicted in the image.

A panel of expert judges will pre-screen the submitted arts and the winners will be decided by the votes of conference attendees.


The best art in the Artistic-Scientific category:
CAD$200 cash prize.
The best art in the Indigenous Culture category:
CAD$200 cash prize.

The winning art will be also displayed digitally on our MSC Central Student Chapter social media platforms.

Eligibility and Contest Rules

• To participate in the competition, you must register for the Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC) 2023.
• Participants are allowed to submit one artwork per category, and each submission must include the original microscopic image
• The submitted art should be 11 in × 14 in with a minimum 300 PPI.
• The art must be in JPEG, PNG, PSD, or TIFF format and less than 10 MB in size.
• The art must be sent with a title, a brief description of the original micrograph (e.g., sample/specimen, microscopy technique used), author(s) names, affiliation, and the laboratory name as well as the editing method applied to create the art.
• The image submitted to the Indigenous culture category should be accompanied by a brief description of the cultural context, providing some background information on the significance of the object/structure depicted in the image.
• You can only submit your own art.
• The arts that have won any other photomicrograph competitions are NOT eligible.
• The images must be sent before the deadline: June 13, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT).

Submit to msc.smc.central@gmail.com