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NexGen Materials Entrepreneurs: A flight plan to get your materials start up off the ground

This student-only session gives tangible direction to budding entrepreneurs with an idea for a materials product while show-casing the world class ChemTech ecosystem in Kingston. A number of short presentations along the start-up commercialization path will be followed by a Q&A session and the possibility for one on one breakouts for individual advice.

Presentation Outline

Incubators and Accelerator in ChemTech – Sebastian Alamillo (University of Waterloo/KPM-Accelerate)

You have the next big business idea and some chemistry – now what? This section will talk about what the first considerations are when starting up a chemistry/materials-based business, how to get your idea funded, and what the first resources student entrepreneurs can access in the current ecosystem. With stories from personal experience, this will be a brief overview of how-to set up your start-up foundations before continuing your technical development.

Universities and Start-ups– Jason Hendry (Queen’s Partnerships & Innovation)

This session will discuss the challenges researchers/students encounter when trying to commercialize their academic research and what actions they can take to improve their chances of success. The session will also describe the university technology transfer process and what support can be provided to university-based start-ups.

Product/Process Validation – Tim Clark (GreenCentre Canada)

This section focuses on approaches to de-risking and validating chemical and material technologies – identifying the most critical challenges as early as possible and generating the right data to address them.  Advice on how to organize a technology development roadmap and execute on it efficiently will be provided.  There will also be a brief summary of tools and resources available to accelerate the process.

R&D ScaleUp– Rupert Spence (DuPont)

DuPont’s Kingston Technology Centre is focused on commercializing new technologies though scale up evaluations and piloting.  This talk will introduce common steps taken by DuPont in scaling new technologies, including the business and technical objectives at each stage and typical development issues..

Case Study – Boyd Davis (Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc.)

The rapid rise from concept to unicorn of Li-Cycle will be presented.  The talk will show the support of the Kingston ChemTech ecosystem and the moves that the founders made to create the leading lithium-ion battery recycler in North America.

Q&A – all